Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Reconciliation Conference

M1 Bank was privileged to come alongside The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation, First Baptist Church of Ferguson, and the Dream Stream Company for the Dred Scott Reconciliation Conference to highlight Historicity and Synchronicity and to highlight the indelible handprint of G-d’s plan for redemption throughout the generations.

The Dred Scott Reconciliation Conference


That which is begun in one, may not come to fruition until another in the fullness of time and in accordance with the L-rds perfect will. Lynette Jackson, great granddaughter of Dred and Harriet Scott brought sons and daughters to the table of brotherhood to move forward in accordance with Dr. King’s dream and the fulfillment of One New Man. Will Ford and Matt Lockett along with Bertram David great grandson of Jefferson Davis cast a vision for our city, nation and world challenging all present to find your place in the redemption story of history rather than trying to erase.It is in this spirit that we are able to testify to the goodness of G-d in the land of the living, and to see that there are truly no coincidences if we lay down our own agenda and pick up that of the L-rd.


Dred Scott Heritage Foundation Reconciliation Conference   

A Note from The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation

The Dred Scott Heritage Foundation would like to extend our most heartfelt thanks to your organization for your most generous support of the 2022 Dred Scott Reconciliation Conference. This unexpected support was truly a blessing and was a large a part of what made the day a great success, and for that we are truly apprecia-tive. We appreciate you attending on Saturday and it was delightful to see you, and your children at the Sunday morning church service. We are very thankful for this new relationship.

Your donation which sponsored two of our speakers travel expenses was such a huge blessing to us as we honored God in His great work we titled, Historicity and Synchronicity. I am especially grateful to have the participation of your organization as we all seek to uplift humanity and express the goodness of Providence in our work. Enclosed is a copy of the program and a copy of the sponsorship poster which was 24″ X36″ inside the event space. We look forward in anticipation to future endeavors together. God bless you for your generosity and the Mission of M1 Bank. We have been blessed and honored.

Thank you all so very much!