Community of Hope Haiti

Community of Hope Haiti

Community of Hope Haiti is a 501c3 non-profit mission organization that serves Grand Vide and the surrounding villages on the Southwest side of La Gonave Island, Haiti. This area of the island has the least amount of freshwater in the world. The Tucker family moved to Grand Vide 6 years ago to form a non-profit mission partnership with the locals. This partnership aims to develop clean water solutions, raise up leaders, and create better agricultural practices. COHH also supplies school food as well as scholarships to the top 3 students in each class.

COHH also began a Secondary school (7-12th grades) so families could stay together. They are now in their 4th year. The Lord also instructed the Tuckers to build a House of Prayer/Community Center. This was completed in early 2017. This building has housed countless prayer and worship meetings, medical clinics, English classes, and music lessons. They have also hosted strategy meetings, teacher trainings, computer lab/training and youth group meetings. It also holds a rainwater catchment system that enables locals to purchase clean drinking water when available.

Although the Tucker family has relocated to the United States after COVID, political instability and gang activity on the mainland, Grand Vide continues to be protected with the glory of the Lord rising upon them…even in subtle ways! Isaiah 60:1-2

M1 is proud to support this non-profit mission and we are elated to see all of the great work they do on this beautiful island.


“Living conduits of hope to the poorest of the poor in Haiti. Sharing God’s love through sustainable, practical ways in education, agriculture, fishing, business development, widow & orphan, & medical care; bring hope & opportunity for generations to come.”