Coalition for Life

Coalition for Life

Coalition for Life St. Louis took to the streets in 2011, on a mission to save every woman and child from abortion. In short, they believe in treating every life with the dignity and respect it deserves. As a result of the incredible sidewalk counselors and the pro-life community, they have caused a dramatic decrease in Missouri abortions over the last 10 years. In 2019 they expanded regional efforts to include Fairview Heights, IL. As Missouri comes closer and closer to being an abortion free state, our neighbors in Illinois need our help more than ever, and Coalition is responding to God’s call to extend their life-saving ministry. Coalition for Life St. Louis expanded their sidewalk counseling services to Flossmoor, IL, in November 2021. Here, they will continue fighting for the unborn and meeting women in need with love and support, no matter what zip code they are in.


Let Their Heart Beat

Each portrait attached shows just one of the lives saved by Coalition for Life St. Louis, newborn photography by Cori Nations Photography.

Ministry Updates: 

  • 2,750 clients served since 2016
  • 136 ultrasounds since 2020 
  • 121 current pregnant clients 
  • 3,012 total turnarounds since 2011 
  • 220 total turn arounds so far in 2021
  • 26 40 Days for Life campaigns
  • 13, 837 prayer volunteers 
  • 49,521 hours prayed 

Local Ministry Opportunities: 

  • $62,273: One year of rent and utilities for 2 base locations
  • $43,000: One year of life-saving ultrasounds
  • $24,000: One year of high risk abortion search ads
  • $7,500: One year of sidewalk counseling supplies

Opportunities for Ministry Expansion: 

  • $102,400: 1 additional location 
  • $164,800: 2 additional locations
  • $392,000: 5 additional locations 
  • $619,200: 8 additional locations 
  • $744,000: 10 additional locations